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RHINO DISHARMONY is a movement to create one global voice against rhino poaching.

Leveraging art to spotlight the rhino poaching crisis, we want to reshape perceptions about rhino horn use and stop the demand which is pushing this iconic species towards extinction.

We are committed to protecting our planet’s wildlife, standing up for the principle that rhinos are not commodities to consume or destroy.

From creative campaigns to immersive events, our mission is to raise awareness in varying forms and to reach diverse audiences, locally and abroad.

Our aim is to stop the demand by getting to rhino horn users through impactful awareness campaigns.


We offer support to projects being delivered by organisations fighting the poaching crisis from all angles.

We focus on: –

  • Education at the source of the demand
  • Education within communities in South Africa
  • Successful anti-poaching initiatives requiring funding and support
  • Innovative & creative communication about rhino poaching


In 2014, at the height of the relentless onslaught against rhinos, one of the tragic statistics was an animal poached at Motswari Private Game Reserve in the Greater Kruger. 

Having witnessed the brutal killing of an innocent rhino on their doorstep, Motswari owners – Marion Geiger-Orengo and Fabrice Orengo de Lamazière –  founded Rhino Disharmony in a bid to help save rhinos. 

As an artist, Marion understands that art overcomes language barriers, supersedes cultural boundaries and communicates in a way words can only dream of. 

This is the story of Rhino Disharmony, the fight for survival of the enigmatic rhino and how art is playing a role. 

APRIL 2015

A musical and artistic concert in Cape Town featuring Rhino Disharmony ambassadors, Freshlyground lead vocalist Zolani Mahola and internationally renowned pianist Tian Jiang, as well as other ambassadors collaborating in one global voice against rhino poaching. Sculptures, photography, paintings and mixed media were offered to promote unity against rhino horn usage.


A collaborative and interpretive dance and art effort called “The Last Dance” at Motswari Private Game Reserve in the Greater Kruger, featuring works from Rhino Disharmony ambassadors and other artists. Led by Rhino Disharmony ambassador Beezy Bailey, this #CoCreate workshop showcased how the greedy poaches and no one survives, sending a powerful message about the devastating effects of rhino poaching.

APRIL 2017

A celebratory concert held at St Cyprian’s School in Cape Town to increase awareness of the rhino poaching crisis through an expression of artistic flair and spirit. Rhino Disharmony ambassadors, Freshlyground lead vocalist Zolani Mahola and internationally renowned pianist Tian Jiang, were accompanied by a host of other talented artists.

JULY 2017

The unveiling of a special sculpture by Rhino Disharmony ambassador André van der Merwe at Motswari Private Game Reserve in the Greater Kruger. Titled “Bloody Horn”, thousands of guests walk past it every year, stimulating discussion and debate, and creating awareness about rhino poaching.

MAY 2018

The online release of “Saving the Rhino through Art”, a documentary about Rhino Disharmony putting the spotlight on the rhino poaching crisis using art as the vehicle of driving the message. Through the creative and artistic collaboration with world-famous artists one voice is created to speak out against the onslaught on this iconic species.

MAY 2018

The production and release of “The Search: Where have they gone?”, a short video featuring Rhino Disharmony ambassadors, Nina and Julia Meise. The German models, television presenters and celebrities used their public influence to spread the message about what they described as “these senseless rhino killings” that “have to stop”.


A collaborative fundraising effort by Rhino Disharmony ambassadors Henry Tarr, Robynne Wasas and the Canadian Rotary Club to donate much-needed equipment to section ranger Marius Renke and the field rangers of the Houtbosrand section of the Kruger National Park.

APRIL 2019

An expressive evening of passionate art by Rhino Disharmony founder Marion Geiger-Orengo and Rhino Disharmony ambassador Tian Jiang at Mostwari Private Game Reserve. The message of fighting the war against rhino poaching was poignantly delivered through music, singing and painting.


A photographic shoot for #FashionSaysNo at Motswari Game Reserve focusing on beauty with rhino symbolism and integrating rhino and fashion intrinsically, with photography as the vehicle to communicate. Published in Faces Magazine CH (2020), the project was also supported by Boss Models Cape Town, Carolin Herling, Jessie Crichton and Berna Van Heerden.


A visit to Our Horn is Not Medicine at the Southern African Wildlife College brought about awareness of much-needed funding and support for the K9 Unit, an essential tool in the fight against rhino poaching. Together with air support and skilled manpower, the unit has a 80% success rate in tracking and apprehending poachers. Rhino Disharmony is proud to be one of the donors of this forward-thinking, passionate and innovative counter-poaching initiative.

JULY 2022

Set in and hosted by the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, part of the Greater Kruger, the Timbavati Traverse is an adventure trail that raises awareness and funds for anti-poaching units. Rhino Disharmony is honoured to be part of an event that is raising funds for the protection and conservation of wildlife.

JUNE 2023

An inspired collaboration between Rhino Disharmony and Lalela, a programme providing educational arts for youth from under-resourced communities in South Africa, to educate learners about the plight of the endangered rhino. Rhino artwork from the children of Lalela has been used in creating scarves that have been featured in Rhino Disharmony awareness campaigns and to rope in the next generation.


A compelling visual campaign at Motswari Private Game Reserve featuring the Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit, the Umbabat Counter-Poaching Unit, high-profile celebrities like actor Ben Dahlhaus, fashion models from Boss Models Cape Town, well-connected individuals in the creative industry and rhino scarves painted by children who has participated in educational arts programmes by Lalela. The outcome was a powerful synergy for social impact through a shared passion for creativity, community and conservation, culminating in the Saviours’ Army.


In a collaborative effort to raise awareness about rhino poaching, Rhino Disharmony joined forces with the Greater Kruger Environmental Protection Foundation (GKEPF), a respected non-profit organisation assisting with the cooperation and coordination necessary for combating environmental crime. “At GKEPF, we see rhino protection as a global commitment. The survival of the rhino is a visual reminder that the actions and influence of humanity today have a lasting impact on the evolution or extinction of a species for future generations.”


Melissa Baird

Fabrice Orengo de Lamazière

Anthony Watterson