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Foundations and initiatives
we support

Support in the shape of funding or equipment is offered to projects around the world being delivered by organisations fighting the poaching crisis from every different angle. We focus on movements that assist in these areas:

  • Education at the source of the demand
  • Education within communities in South Africa
  • Successful anti-poaching initiatives that require funding and support
  • Innovative and creative methods of communication about the rhino poaching crisis

Supporting Houtbosrand Section of KNP

Through an operation organized by Ambassadors Henry Tarr, Robynne Wasas and Marius Renke, the Canadian Rotary Club and Rhino Disharmony were able to lend ruck sacks and chest rigs to the Houtbosrand Section in the Kruger National Park.

Ambassador Andre van der Merwe creates a sculpture for Rhino Disharmony that is displayed at Motswari Private Game Reserve

The piece is titled Bloody Horn. Thousands of people walk past this sculpture every year which stimulates discussion and debate.

The Rhinos are Coming!

The Rhinos Are Coming is a concept created to help raise several million rands for the cause of saving the rhinos. A hundred or more life-sized blank sculptures of rhinos will be brought to colourful life by artists in our community and beyond, sponsored by businesses and individuals. Rhino Disharmony Ambassador Beezy Bailey was responsible for bringing one of these sculptures to life and it is on show in the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. You will see many of these fantastically eye-catching sculptures around the city, creating conversation and raising awareness of the plight of the rhinos in Africa.

Annual Soccer Match between Motswari Zebras and Houtbosrand Tigers

Organised by Rhino Disharmony, utilising sport to break down barriers, the annual soccer match between Motswari Zebras and Houtbosrand Tigers (anti-poaching unit from Kruger National Park) took place on 29th December 2018 at Motswari. What a thrilling match it was.

The Zebras, victorious with a 3-2 score line but another 5 minutes of play could have seen a very different result. A great afternoon for our team and their supporters, throwing themselves into the game in the best spirit possible. The match was followed by a friendly diner where the 2 teams could socialise. Thanks to Marius for getting his team together and for everyone involved in making this great event happen.