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Art Residencies for Rhino
Disharmony at Motswari Private
Game Reserve

What is Rhino Disharmony?

Founded after the brutal killing of a rhino for its horn at Motswari Private Game Reserve, Rhino Disharmony is a movement to create a global voice against rhino poaching using art in all its forms – including painting, sculpture, music, writing, photography and any other artistic expression. 

Our Rhino Residency initiative encourages the participation of artists to use their voice to reach fans and the informed public about the battle against poaching in Africa. Rhino Disharmony is driven to change the perception about the use of rhino horn and how it is fast tracking this species to extinction. We want to stop the demand for rhino horn by educating the next generation. There are many associations involved in rhino conservation, the ultimate aim is that we will finally reach tipping point in this war on animal trade.

Strong of more than 30,000 followers, the Rhino Disharmony social media sites, delivered in different languages all over the world (specifically Vietnamese and Chinese audiences) are a source of ongoing information regarding rhino poaching issues, a place for facts and a space for conversation. Each artist and participant can share their works and expression on the hub creating one central place for people from all parts of the world.

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Why Motswari Private Game Reserve?

Motswari Private Game Reserve is a luxury safari lodge owned by the Geiger family for 45 years. Here, majestic creatures, including the Big Five, offer incredible viewing opportunities as they bask in their natural habitat. Motswari means “to conserve and protect” in Tswana and that is what the reserve aims to do.

The owners of Motswari, Marion and Fabrice, are also the founders of Rhino Disharmony. They have a desire and passion to make a difference in the war against poaching. This lodge, located within the Timbavati and Umbabat Private Nature Reserve, stretches out over 150 square kilometres. It has been in existence for over four decades and its friendly staff members are intrinsic to its success. Great emphasis is placed on personal attention, ensuring that each guest instantly feels at home in this stunning setting. The slogan for Motswari is “arrive as a visitor, leave as a friend” – nothing has been more accurate.

Marion is also a successful fine artist in her own right, she has personally taken responsibility for décor and feel of Motswari and those personal touches are evident throughout the lodge. The owners believe that art is a universal way to communicate, hence making Rhino Disharmony different to other associations in the rhino poaching arena.

Rhino Residency Applicant Criteria

Artist qualifications required to be considered:

  • Modern and innovative approach to guarantee exposure to the next generation
  • Aged between 25 and 50
  • Social media presence and following on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube (minimum of 5000 on at least one platform) Preference will be given to those with a presence and influence in Asia
  • International and South African Nationals
  • Disposition to be filmed and photographed whilst working on site and be the subject of communications on all Rhino Disharmony marketing platforms throughout the Residency

What we will give you for 7 to 10 days

  • Accommodation at the private guest suite of Motswari’s owners, usage of the owner’s plunge pool as well as access to all facilities at Motswari
  • A proper studio space to work next to the accommodation, with 2 large sliding doors that can open onto the bush environment
  • Free WiFi whilst on site
  • Game drives on request, according to seat availability
  • Bush walks with trained guide on request, according to availability
  • All food (3 meals per day taken with other guests at the restaurant at Motswari), and drinks (soft drinks, beers and house wine)
  • Frequent exposure to all of Rhino Disharmony’s followers on social media platforms during the residency and beyond

What we need from you:

  • Commitment to communicate to all your followers the work that you do whilst on the Residency (at least 2 posts a day including exposure for Rhino Disharmony) and always quoting Rhino Disharmony on works created/inspired by the Residency
  • Bring your own equipment and utensils/supplies – we only supply the perfect environment
  • Any work that you complete whilst on the Residency belongs to you but its representations can be used for Rhino Disharmony communications at any time
  • To do one specific piece about Rhino Disharmony/wildlife/nature/animal trade/etc… However, should you wish to donate a work to Rhino Disharmony, that would be displayed at the lodge, it would be appreciated and seen by guests.
  • To maintain a clean and professional space in the studio and accommodation for the duration of your stay
  • To work alongside our Social Media Manager to maximise exposure of the Residency, it’s purpose and Rhino Disharmony communication as a whole.

Private suite at Hyena Den – Motswari Private Game Reserve

The Studio at Hyena Den – Motswari Private Game Reserve